Highlighting The Qualities of The Excellent Elf Bar Disposable Vape Pen

by Kobe Reid

The disposable vape is now firmly established as a keystone of the vaping industry; its popularity with a wide and diverse range of users has seen them appear in the impulse buy sections of many stores. Why are they so popular? This short piece will give you the lowdown on the disposable vape, what it is and why it has risen so fast; it will also highlight one of the better disposables in today’s marketplace.

What Is a Disposable Vape?

The disposable vape is a relatively simple device that has everything needed to start vaping immediately. This all-in-one machine consists of an integral charged battery and a sealed tank pre-filled with flavoured e-liquid and uses a push-to-initiate system to activate. The charge contained within the internal battery is enough for its entire life, and once the e-liquid is used up, all that remains is to dispose of it correctly. There is a huge range of different disposables available to the vaper to choose from. Among the best is an excellent range of Elf bar flavours which we will look at now.

The Excellent Elf

An example of a great disposable is the range of Elf bar vape pens; they have a minimalist design which is small enough to fit into any purse or pocket while still offering a super vaping experience. The Elf bars also have an impressive number of delicious flavours, which broadens the appeal to many vapers. These include favourites such as Blueberry Bubble-gum, Strawberry Burst and Ginger Cola.

The specifications for the excellent Elf bar device are as follows –

  • 550mAh non-rechargeable built-in battery.
  • Pre-filled with 2ml flavoured e-liquid.
  • Minimum of 600 puffs per unit.
  • Dimensions – H:105mm x W:18mm x D:15mm

Overall, any vaper looking for a disposable would do well to pick one of the tasty Elf bar offerings; it is everything you need in a disposable vaping device.

Why Is the Disposable So Popular?

Disposable vapes are incredibly easy to use, lending themselves to all types of vapers, from beginners to veterans. They also have other qualities that mean many vapers also use them as a secondary or backup devices.

Let’s investigate why disposable vapes are so consistently popular –

  • The compact design of disposables means they fit in the pocket or purse when commuting or on a night out without the need for refills or chargers.
  • Disposable vapes are more discreet and are a solution when at work or in a situation where a quick, easy vape is required.
  • They are a reliable backup device; many vapers keep a disposable to hand in case of breakdowns or failure of their primary device.
  • The sealed unit means no messy refilling, which appeals to some; this also is a great quality when travelling.
  • Newer vapers can try vaping without investing large amounts of their hard-earned cash or learning to use a complicated device.

The disposable vape is also excellent at recreating the sensations of smoking cigarettes, especially when combined with an e-liquid containing the newer Salt nic form of nicotine.

The disposable vape will remain popular as they appeal to so many vapers for so many reasons, see what your local vaping supplier has to offer today.

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